Karting is a great way to have fun, but how about if you could get a discount on your races and raise money at the same time? Sounds good doesn’t it?

Raising money for good causes is something that we are passionate about at MB2. So much so that we have put together a scheme that can help you raise money for your club or good cause.

The MB2 Fundraising Race Cards             

Designed for sports teams, schools and charities we offer MB2 fundraising race cards that you can sell to raise money.

The MB2 fundraising cards are great because not only do you get $5 for every card that is sold but those you sell to get 35% off the regular price. This means that everyone is a winner.

Promotional Support

We make it easy for you to raise money. We will facilitate the program to keep things simple as well as putting together fliers and emails about the program that you can share amongst participants and potential donators.

Create Fun Within Your Fundraising

We find these cards work best when you split your fundraisers into teams within your organisation challenging them to compete against each other and send the most cards.

MB2 makes it more fun by providing great prizes (shirts, hats, free races) when participants reach specific fundraising levels.

Not only do you get these benefits but we offer discounts to participants for their end of season parties.  All teams that partner with MB2 Raceway for fundraising get preferential pricing on their end of season parties!

The team that raises the most money, earns a FREE end of season party.

How To Get Started

If you think this sounds interesting and would like to discuss with our team whether this could work for your organisation then Contact Ashley Combs: 818-364-8000 / ashleyc@mb2raceway.com

Gift cards will be sent first class mail
within 48 hours of purchase.