A Perfect Day for Go-Karting in Los Angeles

Race with Us at MB2 Raceway!

At MB2 Raceway we believe that Go Karting in Los Angeles at one of our indoor tracks at Thousand Oaks or Sylmar is a great way to share an experience with friends, family or your work colleagues.

Indoor Go Karting in Los Angeles

Go Karting in Los Angeles is best indoors. Closed off from the elements our air conditioned track is always the perfect conditions to race. Also our karts are electric which means there are no fumes to contend with on or around the track.

Perfect For Friends & Family

Karting perfectly suited to time with friends or family. So whether you are just dropping in or have something to celebrate we can help make your day. This includes birthday parties with a range of different packages available. Whether you are young or old this is real racing that can get the adrenaline pumping.

We cater for everyone and have junior karts available. This means that you need to be 48” or 4ft tall to get on track and racing. We are committed to a safe yet exciting race.

Perfect For The Office

Want to get to know your work colleagues better? Why not challenge them to a race on one of our tracks. If you need to convince the boss, we have fully loaded conference facilities so you can move the office trackside. Get important work done and then head over to the track for some team building and establish yourself as the karting king/queen of your office.

Perfect For Bachelor Parties

Go Karting in Los Angeles is a great idea for bachelor parties. When people meet for bachelor parties not everyone knows each other so its important you can get to know each other in a relaxed environment. We also have our VIP area so you can relax, maybe watch a game on the flatscreen or play some pool before going on to the next part of your party.

Open To Everyone

We welcome everyone, from walk-in racers who want to race family, friends and other customers, to private groups both small and large. So next time you want to have a great time out, why not consider go karting in Los Angeles and come join us.

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