Karting is an exciting sport and wherever you have speed you need to make sure that you have safety without ruining the experience. What do the different karting flags mean is just one of the things that are good to know if you are to get the most from your time on track. 

On track we have a team of marshals that are there for your safety and their job is to ensure you have the best racing experience possible. The key on track between racer and the marshals is communication. W

Each flag has a different meaning and they should be obeyed at all times. If you ignore flags you may be disqualified so make sure you learn the flags and obey them on track.

So what are the different flags and what do they mean?

Blue Flag -One of the most common flags this signals that a faster race car is coming up behind you, hold your line and let them pass. Once they are passed you can increase your speed and get racing.

Yellow Flag - Caution on the track, reduce your speed and no passing.

Red Flag - This is a very important flag, the race is being stopped. Stop your kart safely as quickly as possible and stay in your kart and do as instructed by the marshal.

Black Flag - You are being disqualified for dangerous racing or failing to adhere to other flags, pull over as directed by the marshal.

Green Flag - This signals the start of the race or the race has resumed

White Flag - You are on the final lap of the race

Chequered Flag – The first one across the line wins, everyone else needs to slow down as the race is over.

We hope that these flags will help we will give you a full briefing on how to use your kart and how to have a fun and safe race.

We look forward to seeing you on track soon.

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