Corporate Events in Thousand Oaks California

Thousand Oaks located in Ventura County, Southern California. Thousand Oaks is part of the greater Los Angeles and is located only 35 miles from downtown LA or 30 minutes using the 101 freeway. Thousand Oaks neibouring cities include Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and Oak Park. With an estimated 130,000 population, Thousand Oaks is vibrant home for many corporations, companies and small businesses. The city offers many outlets for entertainment, food and sports activities. MB2 Raceway located in Thousands Oaks and servicing the greater Los Angeles area provides the perfect solution for companies looking to inspire their employees and colleagues with a high-performance, exhilarating, and unforgettable experience. Corporate Events at the raceway. In addition to providing all of the standard event amenities, from audio visual equipment to a complete catering selection, MB2 Raceway delivers exciting and bond-building racing challenges that make any event a tremendous success.


MB2 Raceway corporate events are the perfect solution for companies looking to inspire their employees and colleagues with a high-performance, exhilarating, and unforgettable experience. In addition to providing all of the standard event amenities, from audio visual equipment to a complete catering selection, MB2 Raceway delivers exciting and bond-building racing challenges that make any event a tremendous success.

Flat Panel Displays
Projection Systems
PA Systems
Wireless Internet Access
Conference Tables
Quality Leather Sofas
Gaming Systems
Dart Boards
Pool Tables
Gourmet or Casual Catering

MB2 provides complete catering services ranging from pizza and soda for a casual event, to an impressive four course meal perfect for formal events, and everything in between. Let us know your preferences and we will handle the rest to make sure your guests enjoy their meals as much as their racing experience. We also have a spacious outdoor parking facility that can be utilized for special events. This space can be transformed for corporate BBQs, fundraisers, car shows, filiming locations and much more.


At an MB2 corporate event the racing takes center stage in providing colleagues with an exhilarating experience. There are a variety of racing packages to choose from that ensure the event is perfectly tailored to your group's specific needs and goals. The packages include races for all of your attendees with up to 10 people racing at one time. The initial qualifying races determine the positions of racers for the final races in order to allow each person to get the most out of his or her experience while ensuring everyone an equal amount of racing time.

14 Lap Qualifier
14 Lap Main Event (Grid Start*)
9 Lap Practice
14 Lap Qualifier
14 Lap Main Event (Grid Start*)
9 Lap Practice
(2) 14 Lap Qualifiers
14 Lap Main Event (Grid Start*)

Following the main event, racers enjoy a podium awards ceremony where everyone receives a medal and the top winners are awarded trophies.


All companies regardless of size have meetings, but keeping those meetings fresh and effective can be an obstacle and maintaining participant focus can be painfully challenging. Changing the venue to keep your attendees engaged can make the difference between a meeting that is lackluster and one that is a success. Our private meeting rooms are equipped with all of the amenities you require and our professional event staff will ensure your meeting comes off without a hitch. Try moving your next meeting to MB2 Raceway and see your productivity soar.


Teambuilding exercises are a great way to demonstrate the importance of communication and listening skills. Racing is competitive and it allows co-workers to interact in a completely different way, which helps create lasting bonds. However, MB2 also offers teambuilding exercises, such as blind driving (where racers team up and the drivers, using opaque helmets, are verbally guided through the race track by a team member using a mic that is wired to the driver's helmet). Whether you trying to get a new group off to the right start or reinvigorating bonds in an established group, MB2 Raceway provides a fresh approach that produces great results.


Businesses commonly see annual parties as a way to reward employees and improve morale. However, many company parties fall short of reaching these goals because employees feel obligated to attend and bosses struggle to be approachable. At MB2 Raceway pretense is eliminated and colleagues can let down their guard, relax, and enjoy themselves in an environment that encourages people to interact in a whole new way. Whether it is for a summer picnic or a holiday celebration, MB2 Raceway is the perfect place to host your party that everyone will appreciate.


Companies can pour a tremendous amount of resources into a new product or service only to see it fall short of expectations because it lacked exposure. One of the best ways to promote a new product or service is to host a memorable event that unveils the new concept to your customers, stakeholders and press. MB2 Raceway provides you with an exhilarating alternative to the usual launch event venues so that you can ensure your launch gets the attention it deserves. The lure of racing at MB2 has proven effective at getting people to come to the event and ensures your launch makes a measurable impact.


You have probably more business lunches than you can count, but how many of them can you actually remember? If you want to host a lunch that your attendees will never forget, MB2's facilities allow you to create the perfect mix of business and pleasure. Whether you want a brief one hour lunch for 8 people or an entire afternoon for 300, we have a variety of packages that will leave a lasting impression.


"An overwhelming 82 percent of employed adults who are satisfied with their current employer agreed that their satisfaction with their employer motivates them to go above and beyond their daily job responsibilities."1 Recognizing employees for a job well done improves job satisfaction and while some people may still believe that a paycheck is enough of a thank you, endless research proves otherwise. MB2 Raceway is a great way to reward employees and express your appreciation and it provides the added benefits of creating a bonding experience and improving morale.

1."Working in America: What Employees Want" survey, conducted by Harris Interactive(R) and sponsored by Kronos(R) Incorporated (Nasdaq: KRON).



MB2 Raceway's team building activities are designed to challenge and develop strong bonds between team members. Our team building events give everyone a chance to shine and help your team to identify strengths among team members that will give them a competitive edge. Experts say that team development and motivation have positive effects on productivity and profitability in the workplace and MB2 Raceway is focused on helping your company achieve both.

Teammates take turns using walkie-talkies to help a blindfolded driver navigate the track.
Emphasizes Communication and Trust
Teammates compete in a relay using a kart to push a soccer ball all the way around the track.
Emphasizes Team-motivation and Focus


Mon - Thur
12:00 PM
10:00 PM
Fri - Sat
11:00 AM
11:00 AM
8:00 PM


MB2 Raceway is committed to being green by limiting harmful emissions. Our high-performance electric karts accelerate quicker and handle better than any other indoor competition kart. Since all of our karts are electric, all the racing action takes place inside our comfortable state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities and no one leaves smelling like gas fumes! Another advantage of being indoors is the flexibility of the track layout. Our barrier system not only provides a safe cushion for impact but also allows us to change the entire layout of the course on a regular basis. This makes for a fresh and exciting experience every visit!