Go-Karts to 3-Time Champion - The Lewis Hamilton Story

For some, kart racing is a fun weekend activity. For others, it is the first step toward the big stage – Formula 1 Racing. In this blog, we take a quick look at how kart racing helped turn Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton into the driver he is today.

An Early Start

In 1992, Lewis Hamilton wasn’t flying around in private jets or dating members of the Pussycat Dolls. Instead, he was focused on one thing, and one thing only – his go-kart.

A native of Hertfordshire, England, a young Hamilton could often be found at the Rye House kart track in Hoddesdon. After receiving a not-so-gently used kart for Christmas, Hamilton quickly found his way to the track at just 7 years old. His father, Anthony, would take him down to the track on weekends and help him master his braking.

The Foundation For Future Success

Hamilton is far from the only racer to get his start in kart racing; in fact, most Formula 1 racers learned how to drive fast in smaller karts. It’s easy to see why, as the modern electric go-kart (such as those found at MB2) have a lot in common with their F1 counterparts.

Some of the key similarities include:

  • A low center of gravity, which makes it almost impossible to flip or roll them
  • Soft, wide tires for maximum traction and cornering ability
  • Steering linkages for improved performance when exiting turns
  • Exceptional power-to-weight ratio, allowing for extremely fast acceleration

Karting Is In His Blood

When you watch Lewis Hamilton race, you can see the influence that kart racing has had on his driving style. When he exits a corner, he often lets the rear end slide a bit before the wheels catch, and is known for braking later than many other drivers. There are many other subtle behaviors which undoubtedly have their roots in karting.

At MB2, we aim to make karting fun for people of all ages and racing backgrounds. Whether you’ve never driven a go-kart before, or are heading down the path toward professional driving, come to MB2 to enjoy fun, safe racing for the entire family!