5 Ways To Improve Your Lap Times

At all of our MB2 locations, drivers often ask us how they can make it to the top of the leaderboard. While practice is the key to a faster lap time, there are a number of techniques you should use to help achieve the optimal time.

1. Steer Smoothly

If you’re trying to improve your lap time, sliding tires are your #1 enemy. Instead of flooring the accelerator at every opportunity, focus on steering smoothly and reducing your slides. Your goal should be quickness, not flat-out speed.

2. Master Your Corners

When you enter a corner, it’s best to start on the outside and tighten the turn as you hit the apex. When coming out of a turn, the kart will naturally pull wide – don’t fight this! Taking your turns wide and smooth will help you prevent sliding tires.

If you’re truly dedicated to a better lap time, spend more time on the track. Master your technique for each individual corner, and you’ll quickly find yourself at the top of the leaderboard!

3. Identify The Power Band

Like any other motor-powered vehicle, karts produce the bulk of their power at a certain RPM range. While indoor karts aren’t equipped with a tachometer, you can get a feel for how much gas is required to produce optimal power. This well help you balance your acceleration and your braking, leading to faster lap times.

4. If You’re Passing, Time It Well

Passing a slower driver will obviously help you avoid a slower lap time, but only if you do it properly. At MB2, we frequently see drivers attempting passes at awkward times, and get stuck bumping into the other driver as a result. Plan ahead, and make your move at the perfect time.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Hit The Brakes!

When trying for the fastest lap time, it may seem counterintuitive to use your brakes. If your kart is in danger of sliding, however, using the brakes can help you avoid fishtailing and sliding out. The key to a quick lap time is using the brakes sparingly, but at the perfect time.

Kart racing at MB2 is the perfect activity for birthday parties, corporate events, or just an afternoon of fun! Contact us today to learn more.