The Various Parts of a Race Team

When watching a motorsport race on television, you may hear the broadcasters talk about a particular driver’s racing team. While the actual driving is done by just one person (or sometimes two in certain types of auto races), the supporting cast behind that driver who comprise the rest of the team are the ones responsible for the car’s maintenance, repair, and setup, as well as a number of other functions. These roles are all critical to a driver’s success on the track. Let’s take a look now at some of the key members to a race team and learn a little more about what they do.

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Engineer / Crew Chief

In terms of the actual racing operations of a team, the engineer is the brain and the ultimate decision maker. These are also sometimes called a Crew Chief in NASCAR racing.

Some important notes about the engineer/crew chief:

  • The engineer is the one who makes the final decisions on things such as car setup, race strategy, and mid-race adjustments.
  • They must be the smartest and quickest-thinking member of the team, as they will be required to take driver feedback about the car and translate it into instructions on how to properly adjust the car for the rest of the crew.

A good engineer is mandatory for any team that wishes to have success.


A spotter is a member of a team that positions themselves in a spot where they can see the entire track during a race and feeds the driver instructions via a radio. They are essentially a second set of eyes for the driver, informing them of the location of opponents the driver may not be able to see. This is vital since most race cars do not have mirrors that allow them to see all the way around the car like your normal car would. Without spotters, races would have far more accidents and drivers would make many more mistakes due to simply not knowing what was going on around them.


Most teams will have multiple mechanics who are technical specialists and can fix anything on a car. On your average race day, the mechanics will be asked to fix nearly anything, including major repairs, in a very limited amount of time and the mechanics have to be able to do so properly so the car is able to function optimally again. Mechanics are often intimately familiar with every inch of the cars they work on, allowing them to identify and repair these problems quickly.

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