5 Mistakes To Avoid On The Go-Kart Track

Mistake #1: Pedal to the Metal

One of the biggest mistakes new kart racers make is flooring the gas pedal, then slamming on the brakes when they need to slow down. Instead, you want to use the kart’s natural deceleration when going into a turn, then accelerating more gently as you exit the turn. When you get a feel for the kart and learn to time this properly, you’ll quickly improve your lap times.

Mistake #2: Putting Your Hands Outside The Kart

This seems fairly obvious, but drivers sometimes try to grab or push their friends in adjacent karts. Not only will this quickly bring your race to an end, but it could also leave you seriously injured. Like they say at amusement parks – keep your hands and legs inside the kart at all times until the race is over!

Mistake #3: Ignoring Safety Flags

We use a variety of flags at MB2 – some of these start or end the race, while others are used for safety purposes. One of the biggest mistakes you can make on the track is failing to follow these flags. If you don’t stop when a red flag is being waved, you may find your racing at an end for the day.

Mistake #4: Intentionally Bumping Other Drivers

At MB2, our go-karts are finely tuned electric racing machines – they are not bumper cars. While excessive bumping can damage the cars and slow your lap time, the biggest concern is safety. When drivers get too aggressive, they can force other drivers into walls, or even other karts!

Mistake #5: Taking Turns Too Tight

Since you travel less distance in a tighter turn than a wider turn, many people think that tight turns are the best way to achieve a fast lap time. In reality, there’s a healthy middle ground. Depending on your speed, the design of the track, and the sharpness of the turn ahead of you, it’s typically best to start wide and steer toward the apex of the curve.

Want to improve your lap time in a fun, safe environment? Get some laps in at MB2 today! Call (866) 986-RACE to learn more.