Three Strange-But-Popular Types of Racing

Auto racing is such a popular sport all around the world due largely to the fact that nearly any type of vehicle can compete. As a result, lots of types of racing have emerged that some people may think are odd in the traditional sense but are actually quite popular. Here are three examples of these types of racing.

Tractor Racing

When most people think of a tractor, they think of a bulky and slow piece of farm equipment. Racing tractors are, in fact, anything but, and for horsepower junkies they could be a dream come true. Tractor racing is most popular in the middle of the country, where tractors and farmland are more common, but is also tremendously large in Russia and the Ukraine in the Russian Flying Tractor Racing. There’s even a World Cup! Look up some of the videos on YouTube and you’ll agree: these are no ordinary tractors.

Robot Racing

This may seem like the “sport of the future” but the truth is it’s here and growing today. Robot racing is growing in many different forms, from small model-like cars up through full-size self-driving prototypes that are currently being developed. One popular series for engineers and programmers is the International Autonomous Robot Racing Challenge, which will be held at the University of Waterloo in July of next year.

The biggest difference between this type of racing and any other may also be its biggest draw: there is no human control over these cars whatsoever. They drive completely autonomously once they are turned on and told to go. This allows for high-speed racing action that many people can enjoy while simultaneously bringing the risk of bodily harm to drivers from a brutal crash down to zero.

R/C Car Racing

Remote control cars were invented in 1966, and since then have become one of the most successful toys and popular hobbies amongst R/C enthusiasts around the world. Racing these little cars allows drivers to have the thrill and experience of actually driving a car without the risk of being behind the wheel themselves.

However, these go beyond just toys. There are world championships every year where professional drivers race in a wide variety of classes with different rules, surfaces, cars and more. And R/C cars have grown to become serious speed machines; some of them are even capable of reaching speeds in excess of 60 MPH in about two seconds and then hit 100 MPH in less than five.

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