Top 5 Racing Games of All-Time

While nothing compares to strapping yourself in behind the wheel of a car and zipping around a track as fast as you can, you likely can’t spend all of your time at a race track (unless you’re a professional driver). So what do you do when you can’t head out to our San Fernando Valley karting center for some laps around our track in our high-speed electric karts? Fire up the video game console.

There are more racing video games available than anyone could possibly count, and many of them can provide you with action and thrills similar to that of being behind the wheel yourself. Whether you want to race with friends to prove who is the best or take some laps around a famous European circuit in a simulated million-dollar supercar, check out these five top-rated titles!

5- The Crew: This racing game is unique in that it features a ton of variety in a pretty well-assembled package. On one hand, there is the variety of cars, ranging from small hot-hatchbacks like a Mini Cooper sport, to off-road monster trucks like a Chevy Silverado 2500, to extraordinarily rare supercars like the LaFerrari. Additionally, the game is entirely open-world (go wherever you want, whenever you want), allowing you to drive all over a condensed version of the United States, complete with major landmarks from all over the nation!

4- Project Gotham Racing: This title premiered alongside the original Xbox and has received three sequels, the last of which came out in 2007. The series is known for its sweet selection of cars and challenging gameplay that requires you to not only win your race, but score enough points while doing so in order to clear each stage. The original title featured four real-world cities, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, and New York City, all of which were realistically recreated.

3- Need for Speed: The Need for Speed series has a ton of titles that fall under its umbrella, and while some have been better than others, the franchise has prided itself on providing entertaining and action-packed gameplay that provides a somewhat realistic driving experience while still incorporating some arcade elements into it.

2- Mario Kart: This franchise places popular characters from Nintendo’s many video game franchises behind the wheels of go-karts, gives them hilarious weapons to mess with each other, and lets the hijinks ensue. While this is far from “realistic” racing, it’s a great family-friendly title which allows both experienced and new drivers to compete on a very level, and often hilarious playing field.

1- Forza Motorsport: This is the king of racing simulators. The Forza series is where you turn for the ultimate “authentic” racing experience. The physics are brutally realistic and often unforgiving, the detail is breathtaking, the car selection would make even the most seasoned collector blush, and the tracks include some of the most famous circuits in the world, recreated down to the finest details imaginable. If you want the truest racing experience, this is the title for you.

If you want a realistic racing experience of you own, head over to MB2 Raceway and get behind the wheel of one of our high-speed go-karts for a thrilling race around our indoor track. Experience the thrill and excitement of wheel-to-wheel racing in a safe and controlled environment. Race with friends or come in on your own; we have drop-in races every day of the week!

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