Girls Birthday Parties

Girls Birthday Parties at MB2 Raceway

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Girls Birthday Parties at MB2 Raceway? You bet they’re fun!

Besides… Girls are way better than the boys at racing go karts anyway and they have way more fun winning, especially when we invite them to our girls birthday party.

Can you imagine the look on your birthday girls face as she come whipping around the last turn before the finish line and passes the boys on the go kart track? It’s going to be an amazing birthday party experience and you can have it at MB2 Raceway.

Your girls birthday party will be unforgettable!

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Birthday Party Places for Girls

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

There’s lots of girls birthday party ideas but none better than a MB2 racing Birthday Party for girls. Sure you could have a movie marathon, or a cake decorating party but that is just boring and messy. Why do all that work? Let’s celebrate… Rock and Roll with our x-box in the VIP party room, have a blast at your girls birthday parties by planning one that you can enjoy and we’ll clean up the mess for you.

It’s time for a birthday celebration so let’s do it together at MB2. Your birthday party has pizzas, birthday cake and even an ice cream buffet if you want it… Our event coordinators are awesome and we’ll help you coordinate whatever you can dream up for your girls birthday party experience. You’re right… This is simply the best birthday party ideas for girls!

Want different options for food at your girls birthday party? That’s easy! Simply let your event coordinator know what type of food you would like catered for your party and we can help you make it happen!

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Girls Birthday Party

Girls Birthday Party

How much fun will it be for your birthday girl and her special guests? This awesome party is one for the books!

Go Kart Racing for your Girls Birthday Party is a blast and you can race at speeds up to 35-45MPH (depending which kart size you choose based on driver height and requirements). These karts are safe, Fun and FAST!! We guarantee you and your party guests along with the birthday girl will have a blast no matter how young or old, this experience is one everyone will remember and talk about to their friends.

We’ve hosted over 100,000+ parties and events at MB2 Raceway and it is so much fun. Go kart racing parties are unique and they’re exciting for all. Enjoy the arcade, the birthday celebration and of course go kart racing all included with your very own event coordinator that makes sure you can enjoy your girls birthday party.

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Boys Birthday Parties

Boys Birthday Parties at MB2 Raceway

Birthday Parties for Boys

Boys Birthday Parties have never been more fun than they are at MB2 Raceway! We’ve got the goods for your next birthday party experience…

Does your child want to have a super fun time and race go karts with their friends and guests?

Now you know this looks like fun we can assure you it is!!

Go kart racing parties are a blast for the birthday boy and the guests of the party. Each Birthday Party for Boys includes: go kart racing, birthday party room, decorations and we even offer a VIP Room with couches, a pool table and an x-box so there is never a dull moment when you come to have an MB2 Raceway Go Kart Racing party for boys.

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Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Sure, you could have boys birthday parties at home but what’s the fun in doing all the work yourself? If you host your own birthday party at home then you might find you never get the chance to enjoy the birthday party experience. Some boys like Lego Parties, and some like beach parties but the best birthday party for boys is of course a Go Kart Racing party!

Your selection for birthday party places is spot on when you choose to host your Go Kart Racing Party at MB2 Raceway.

Boys Birthday Parties

We provide you the freedom to select your party package and we have event coordinators that will help you plan your party… Plus they handle all the logistics for you so that you can enjoy the boys birthday party experience.

Your guests will love racing go karts and it is one of the most fun things you can possibly plan to do for your children and their friends. Why have a Beach Party with all that sand making a mess and the long trips out to the beach, plus the dreaded wind that can spoil the day… We want you to have an amazing birthday party experience and we’ll do most of the work for you!

Planning a birthday party for boys? Well we know you’re going to love the decision you made to plan it at MB2 Raceway with us. We’re the premier place for boys birthday parties!!

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Boys Birthday Parties

Boys Birthday Party Ideas

Boys Birthday Party for kids… Adults are welcome too! We can host you and your party guests along with their parents, friends, fathers, mothers and siblings too! You choose from a list of birthday party packages offered at one of our 7 locations around the U.S. and we’ll have one of our event coordinators give you a call to help you plan a birthday party for kids so that you’ll be the most awesome parent a boy could ever have. OH it’s super fun and these go karts are super fast, plus kids love racing go karts and how often do you get the chance to host an amazing go kart racing party for boys without having to do all the work yourself? It’s a super deal right? Click Here To Book Your Party Now

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